The Evolution of Smart Power

Since being established in 1993, Smart Power has been dedicated to providing our clients with the specialist advice needed to ensure they are running their business as energy efficiently as possible.

Our independence, and the ability to offer our clients access to the entire spectrum of energy management services, sets us apart from our competitors, and enables us to take a holistic approach to energy needs within our clients’ business.

Our success to date is attributed to our commitment in building long-term relationships with our vast range of clients, from Government agencies to large corporates and commercial clients. We are dedicated to helping them save money, minimise their energy use and also assist them with their day to day operations.

Today, Smart Power is based across both Australia and New Zealand, with offices in Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland. Smart Power is our overarching brand offering Total Energy and Carbon Management services, while we also have subsidiary brands of Energy Select – specialising in strategic procurement for large commercial and industrial clients, Group Energy Purchase (GEP) – specialising in strategic procurement for SME’s and franchises, and Smart Billing Solutions – leading the industry with set-up and administration of privately owned Customer and Embedded networks.

Management Team